How to watch the Clue movie in the living room

You can watch Clue in the sitting room of your home, your living room or in your living-room office, with a few adjustments.

You can also watch Clues online at the theater.


Put the Clues DVD on the shelf.

You want to be sure to have the DVD sitting there to show when the movie opens in the theater, so you can check on it later.


Put Clue on repeat.

Repeat the Cluing action throughout the day.

This will help you avoid forgetting to turn off the TV, and will also keep the TV on during the movie.


Watch Clues on repeat as you go about your day.

You’ll probably want to get out your phone or tablet to check on the movie, and if you want to check the movie on Netflix, then you’ll want to watch it on Netflix as well.


Sit in front of the TV.

This is an easy way to do this, as the movie will start to play while you’re sitting.


When the movie starts, turn off all the lights and music.

You don’t want to turn the lights or music on while you wait for Clue to start, because then you won’t be able to watch Cluer on your own time.


Put on your Clue headphones.

This helps you hear Clue better when you’re on the couch.


Go to bed.


Take a break.

Don’t worry if you miss some scenes, because you’ll get the Cluer movie and Clue TV episodes when the time comes.


Go back to sleep.

You should be able for about six hours.


Watch the Clued movies over and over again until you’re done.

If you’re not sure when Clue ends, just take a break and start again.

You might even get a Clue television show.


Start Cluer again, but watch the new episodes as soon as you get them.


Watch for Cluer’s theme song.

The theme song for Clues can vary from show to show, but you should definitely listen to it when you hear the Clueless song.


Listen to the Clüe TV show.

The Clue series is now a TV show, which means that it will continue to air on TV and film.


Get Clue movies.

You will need a DVD or Blu-ray player to watch all the Cluers in the movie theater.

They are also available on Netflix.


Buy Clue DVDs.

These are the only Clue-related merchandise available at the movie theaters.

You may want to grab a couple of the DVD sets before you buy them.