Soul movie: ‘The Dream’ about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — “The Dream” is the story of a man who believes he was the victim of a botched assassination attempt and then goes on a search for answers and revenge.

The movie, directed by Robert Rodriguez, tells the story from the perspective of a young man named David who, while living in Los Angeles in the late 1960s, is introduced to a woman named Nancy who offers him an unlikely source of information.

It opens on Sept. 22.

“The Dark Knight” hits theaters Friday.

“I was in disbelief,” said David, who had seen the movie at the theater.

“It’s a real eye opener to me.”

The movie stars Robert Downey Jr. as David, played by Tony winner Tom Hardy.

It is based on a true story, and David has spent much of the last year investigating his past and trying to find out who shot him.

“You’re not supposed to be in that situation.

You’ve got to be very careful,” he said.

David says he believed his father was shot by the CIA and that he was murdered by the Mafia.

He also says his mother was murdered.

In the movie, David’s sister, Mary, was involved in a hit and run accident, but says she was never the killer.

“This movie is really a wake-up call,” she said.

“We’re not in denial.

We’re living through the aftermath.”

The film is being released on the same day that Robert Rodriguez opens a new branch of his art gallery in New York City, where he has been selling works by artists he considers his greatest artworks.

“He is not a one-trick pony,” said Paul Dergarabedian, who heads up Rodriguez’s art collection.

“His style is very contemporary and he’s very creative.

He has an incredible gift for creating a story.”

Rodriguez says he’s also trying to use his art to combat poverty.

“When I’m working, I don’t spend my time trying to change people’s lives,” he told CBS News.

“That’s a waste of my time.”

Robert Rodriguez said the film is about a man searching for answers.

“As the story unfolds, I feel as if I’m taking a picture of the story and telling a story of the human condition,” he wrote on his website.

“But I am not.

This is not my story.

This story is mine.”