What Batman’s movies are really about: Batman movies are not about Batmans superhero identity

Posted June 05, 2018 09:59:03The story of the iconic superhero, who became a worldwide phenomenon through his adventures in films like The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, has changed over time.

But one thing that’s not changed is that the Batman movies are about his personal life, from his beginnings as a homeless man in Gotham City to his rise to power.

While the Batman films are about the exploits of the Dark Knight, they’re not about Batman himself, who is played by Christopher Nolan.

In fact, Batman movies rarely even mention him.

The character is a mystery to the mainstream movie-going public, with many fans unable to understand the character’s motivations, motivations for doing good or for committing crimes.

But there are a handful of films that do delve into the character.

Some of them are based on novels written by the writer-director Christopher Nolan, such as Nolan’s Nolan trilogy.

Others, like the film adaptation of The Dark Knights Trilogy, are the work of a filmmaker with no ties to the Batman mythos.

For those who are familiar with the Batman movie franchise, these films are part of a broader franchise of comics and graphic novels that has been a major player in comic books for decades.

The story and mythology of the Batman universe has been very much shaped by Nolan, with several films and novels that are largely set in Gotham and the city’s crime-ridden streets, as well as a few more that were written by other writers.

The Batman movies themselves are set in the early 20th century, and many of them take place in Gotham during the early days of the Gotham City Police Department.

In this context, Nolan’s Batman trilogy is the pinnacle of the comic book genre, as it is one of the few films that explicitly focuses on the city of Gotham.

It’s also one of those films that many fans feel have been largely ignored by the rest of the industry, as there are very few Batman films in the public domain that even acknowledge the character, let alone his identity.

The most prominent example of that is The Dark Age of Batman, which was released in 2006 and has been the focus of several films.

It is a film that tells the story of a crime boss, who eventually becomes the leader of the crime syndicate known as The Syndicate.

The film takes place in the aftermath of the murder of a young boy, Bruce Wayne, and his family, and follows him as he becomes the face of The Syndicate, which continues to take revenge on criminals who have wronged him.

As a result, Gotham is a violent place, and it’s a crime-infested city that can’t be ruled by one group.

The movie focuses on Bruce Wayne’s father, Bruce, as he tries to take the Syndicate down, which is a major concern to the young man, who has lost his parents.

But despite being a major character in Nolan’s trilogy, Batman never seems to directly address his identity in The Dark Years.

Instead, he becomes a major symbol of the city, and a part of the overall theme of the movie.

And while some have argued that the characters are often depicted as superheroes in the comics, that’s simply not the case in the films.

Batman is portrayed as an ordinary man who does ordinary things.

And although some of the films have tried to explore the character through his own experiences, the movies are largely devoid of that.

Batman films are not a new concept.

Batman has been around for a long time, but the character has rarely been given a proper, and well-researched, backstory.

A good example of this is the origin of Batman in the 1980s.

While Batman was originally created as a character for DC Comics, it was soon adapted into the Batman series of comics, which became the mainstay of the franchise for over 20 years.

In Batman Begins , Bruce Wayne is introduced to the world as a young man who has a troubled past.

But by the end of the film, the city has become a better place.

The Dark Knight’s origin is also a major plot point in Batman Begins.

After the events of the first film, Batman returns to Gotham and becomes a police officer, which forces him to deal with the crime in the city that was created during his youth.

It’s a plot line that has long been debated by fans.

The most famous argument for it is that Batman’s origin should not have been told at all, as a lot of people don’t understand his character and why he is important to the story.

But the Dark Ages are also when Nolan started to delve into Batman’s personal life.

The first film in the franchise, The Dark Night, is set during the reign of King Arthur.

While the movie takes place a century before the events in the first Batman film, it does deal with Bruce Wayne as a king and a hero, and is also an important part of Nolan’s mythology.

While Nolan’s films were always intended to