Redbox to open up movie theater business to consumers via cloud service

Redbox Movies, Inc. is announcing it will open up its movies business to its cloud-based movie service, Redbox.

The company will offer movie rentals and viewing on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud platform, and will also offer cloud-to-cloud viewing of movies, videos and other content via its Redbox Mobile app.

Redbox also said it will continue to offer streaming video on its RedBox MovieNOW service, which allows customers to watch a wide range of movies on demand through their smartphone and tablet devices, but will no longer offer live video.

According to Redbox, it will offer customers the ability to create an account with their smartphone or tablet device to view movies and video from their account on Redbox’s cloud service.

Redbox said it plans to launch the service in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The move is the latest sign that Redbox is ramping up its business with the goal of reaching a larger share of the entertainment industry’s audience.

The company recently launched Redbox Home, a new app for users that allows them to view live TV on their smartphones and tablets, with a Redbox logo on the app.

The app will have more than 250 movies available for purchase, and the company said it’s launching the app on Apple devices as well.

The Redbox movies app has been downloaded more than 200 million times and will be available on Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android devices later this year.