How to watch the upcoming Snowden movie on Netflix

You’re going to have to get on the couch.

Snowden’s documentary, “State of War,” opens in theaters this Friday and it’s going to be available to stream on Netflix.

The film will include some exclusive interviews with Snowden and others that aren’t in the movie.

It also includes a trailer and a featurette.

Snowden has been under house arrest since his arrest in Hong Kong on May 1, and he’s being held in a Russian transit camp.

The U.S. and Russia have been negotiating the release of Snowden since then.

Snowdens film, which includes the interviews, was scheduled to open in theaters on June 4, but Netflix will not release it until Thursday.

Snowdeer is the fourth documentary to premiere on Netflix since Snowden’s arrest.

The films “Vox Populi” and “The Hunting Ground” also debuted on the service.