‘Beneath the Surface’ review: A true movie, ‘Under the Surface: The Life and Times of Stephen King’

The life and times of Stephen “Benevent” King may have ended when his daughter, Lynne King, passed away in 1996.

But the film that chronicled her life as a journalist and writer, “Breezy,” is still coming back to life in a new way for a new generation of moviegoers.

In a new interview with Variety, writer-director Michael Haneke revealed how he reworked the film to tell a new story, a new tale, with the blessing of King.

The film, which opens in theaters Friday, centers on Lynne’s mother, Shirley King, who was murdered in 1975 while writing about the Watergate scandal in a book that eventually became “Bitter Fruit.”

Haneke said he had always wanted to tell the story of her and her daughter.

But, he said, he couldn’t figure out how to tell it as a movie because it was written in the ’70s.

So he took inspiration from the novel’s narrative structure and rewrote it to tell “a different story.”

The film was written with the cooperation of King, but Haneek said it was also done without his blessing.

Haneeke said that he had no idea if he was working with King or not, and he did not want to comment on the project, either.

But he said he did feel that the film was about Lynne and that the filmmakers wanted to be true to Lynne.

“I wanted to make a film that I think would be true, and that is the kind of story that I wanted to share with the audience,” Hanekel said.

He added that the movie’s story centers on the late actress Shirley King who died in 1975, but she had written about the scandal in the book that became “Under the Skin.”

Haneske said the filmmakers did not take any liberties with the film’s script or characters.

Haneske did not say whether the filmmakers took any liberties in terms of the story line.

“We knew the movie was going to be a hard movie to tell,” he said.

“It is an emotional film.

And that is what I wanted.

It is a hard film to make.”

He added, “We wanted to have a film where it felt like a movie.

We wanted to keep the emotional tone that I felt was important in a movie.”

Hans Schiller, a producer on “Under The Skin,” is the director of the new film.

Schiller and the producers of “Bane” had worked on the script together.

Schiller told Variety that the director, who worked on both “Banes” and “Boom Town,” is excited about working with Hanekes.

“Hane is a true storyteller, and when I met him at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in 2015, he was absolutely thrilled,” Schiller said.

“He is an extraordinary writer and filmmaker, and his vision and ambition are very high,” he added.

“He is one of those people that will always be a friend and a supporter.

He is one I know well.”

The project, which will open at the New York Film Festival this summer, is one that Hanees co-wrote with screenwriter Jonathan Rosenbaum.

Hana Rosenbaum, a friend of Haneys from his days as an executive at HBO, has also worked on it with Schiller.

Hanekes said that the project will be a sequel to “Under” but will also feature some of Kings other stories.

“Benevolent” has been described as a “deep and resonant portrait of a great writer, an icon, and an activist, all told in one movie,” Schilling said.