Contagion: The Movie – Movie Review

Posted by Time on Monday, February 26, 2020 00:47:49 The Contagions are the sequel to the hit film, Contagione, which was released on December 25, 1998.

The movie was a worldwide hit, spawning a number of sequels and being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

The film stars Jason Statham as John Rolfe, a wealthy businessman who is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and given the opportunity to join the prestigious medical school of St John’s University in the UK.

In an attempt to avoid the side effects of chemotherapy, John sets out to join a medical club, The Medical School.

The Club, led by John’s uncle, the Club President, is the perfect place to study for his medical degree.

Unfortunately, however, the club also holds an exclusive membership to the world’s leading cancer research institute.

With a chance to secure a coveted position in the medical field, John’s hopes are dashed when he and his friends discover that they have inherited the genetic mutation that causes the disease, which causes their hair and eyes to turn green.

As the story progresses, John and his fellow members of the medical club are forced to face their fears and face the reality that they are all genetically susceptible to cancer.

Contagtion follows the path of a doctor who must try to treat a patient with a genetic mutation and then discover the truth about his own cancerous condition.