How to watch the Space Jam sequel ‘Space Jam 2’ on Netflix UK

Netflix has released the second trailer for the second film in the SpaceJam franchise, Space Jam 2.

The second trailer features the Spacejam crew (Jared Leto, Kevin James and Kate Hudson) playing tennis on a small space station, as they compete to see who can catch a ball with the best ball in the game.

The trailer also features footage of Leto as the original Space Jam star, and a clip of James as a Space Jam team member.

The Space Jam franchise has been in a state of flux since the film was released in 1992, with James leaving the franchise after only two years.

The original film had a huge box office hit in its opening weekend, but its box office failures have made it a rare phenomenon in cinema history. 

James is the only person to earn more than $1.2 billion at the box office from the franchise.

In 2017, SpaceJam 2 was released on the streaming service in the US, and the UK and Australia on October 25.

The US version of the film is set to come out in December 2019.