‘The Butler’ star Gerard Butler returns as the main villain of the movie

Actor Gerard Butler has returned to the role of the main antagonist of the new movie “The Butler” in which he plays a white man who has escaped from a prison and is trying to make a life for himself in New Orleans.

The movie, written and directed by James Ivory, opens in theaters March 20.

Butler’s role in the film is the first time he has played a black character in the series since 2009’s “Fatal Attraction.”

The first trailer for the film showed Butler as a white character, wearing a white hoodie and wearing a wig.

Butler also appeared in the trailer for “Furious 7,” the third installment of the “Fantastic Four” franchise.

Ivory directed “The Other Guys” and “The Revenant” and is now set to direct the third instalment of the rebooted “Fargo” franchise in which Butler stars as a lawyer.

He is currently shooting “The Last of Us” in New Zealand and is set to shoot a movie called “The Road,” in which his character, Joel, is a young American man who moves to Kenya.

He has appeared in numerous movies, including the 2012 thriller “Hush” and the 2015 romantic comedy “The Love Witch.”

Ivory is currently promoting the “The Way of the Knife,” which he wrote with his wife, actor-comedian Laura Linney.

“The way of the knife” is based on the novel by George Orwell and was adapted for the screen by Steven Soderbergh.

The story is set in Kenya in 1950s-style Kigali, when it is revealed that the Kigalis’ country had been invaded by the British.

The novel tells of a group of Kigalas who are exiled to England, but eventually they are forced to take up arms and form a resistance movement in order to liberate their homeland.

It was written and produced by “The Book of Eli,” which is based in London.

Ivory is also known for his role as the lead in “The Hangover,” a 2010 film that was critically acclaimed for its gritty realism and high-octane comedy.

He recently announced that he will return to “The Real World,” which will begin filming in April 2018 in New York City.

Ivory previously played the role on the CW drama “The Flash,” on the Fox series “The Mick,” on “The Mindy Project,” and on “Downton Abbey.”

Ivory also has a recurring role in Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” on which he is joined by his wife and actress Jennifer Ehle.

“I think people are going to love this movie,” Ivory said in a statement.

“When it comes to black movies, I’m a big fan of it.

When it comes for films about black men and black people, I love it.

This is an important movie to tell the story of the black man.”