Which movie is the best in the ATL?

The Atlanta Falcons have played three games in the past four days and will play three more before the Super Bowl.

They’re the first team in NFL history to win four consecutive games without an overtime loss, but they’ve been in an all-time funk.

And while the Falcons’ defense has allowed just 20.9 points per game, Atlanta has allowed 38.3 per game.

The Falcons have lost three of their past four, including a 27-17 home loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 13.

The Patriots are 2-0 in games in which the Falcons have scored 30 points or more, but that’s a very low number.

They’ve allowed 24.3 points per contest.

What makes the Patriots’ season so tough?

They’re allowing the most points per possession in the NFL and are averaging just 4.5 yards per play.

The Pats’ offensive line is one of the league’s worst, but Tom Brady is also a quarterback who is able to sling it to wide receivers.

The Colts have allowed the most yards per attempt in the league and rank No. 8 in scoring defense, but the Colts are averaging 1.6 yards per pass attempt.

The Bills are No. 4 in scoring offense, No. 6 in points per drive and No. 10 in passing offense.

Who are the biggest surprises in the AFC South?

The Texans are No, 1 in points allowed per game and No, 8 in points in a game.

But the Texans have also allowed more than 100 points in each of their last five games.

The Bengals have the best offense in the division, but have allowed a league-high 26.3 yards per game to opposing quarterbacks.

The Jaguars are No., 3 in points scored per game but have scored just two touchdowns.

The Dolphins have the second-best offense in football, but haven’t scored a touchdown in four games.

What’s next for the AFC?

The AFC South begins Sunday when the Houston Texans host the Buffalo Bills.

The game will be broadcast on NFL Network.