How to get a ‘Trolls’ movie off the ground

The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a story titled “How to Get a ‘The Trolls’ Movie Off the Ground”. 

The article included a section titled, “How To Get a Trolls Movie Off The Ground”, which read, “The movie is not a real film, so the trolls aren’t going to be able to come in, steal your stuff, and get you fired. 

That said, if you have money to burn, the Trolls movie could get made, if we can get some talent.” 

In the article, the article continued, “There’s no way that you can get a movie off of Kickstarter.

There’s no guarantee that the studio will give you a shot.” 

The Hollywood Reporter added that it’s “totally possible” that a troll could steal an idea from a “TrollSucks” movie, “and the studio would never give it to you.” 

One thing that the Hollywood Reporter failed to mention in the article is that this article comes from an insider source, and the insider also says that they “don’t have any idea if there’s going to ever be a TrollSucks movie”. 

In response to the article being published, the Hollywood press release stated that the article was not true. 

“Hollywood Reporter is not claiming that TrollSuck is a real movie,” they stated. 

Hollywood is known for being “an outlet for gossip, rumor and misinformation,” so it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that they’re “just talking about gossip”. 

However, there is no doubt that this story is a complete fabrication. 

The fact that the writer of the Hollywood news release made this statement in an article that appears to be sourced to an insider should be a red flag to anyone who has been following this story, as the Hollywood reporter has a history of lying. 

In an earlier article, I wrote that a writer at the Hollywood newspaper claimed that “a Hollywood Reporter article was fabricated” to support their claim that the troll movies were a reality. 

However the Hollywood reporters claims that the author of the “fake” article is not an insider is laughable. 

Even if the writer is an insider, that doesn’t make him or her credible. 

It’s clear that the reporter is using their position to spread disinformation and misinformation. 

So if they are going to make a story out of a hoax, they’re going to do it in a way that’s both believable and accurate. 

There’s absolutely no way this “news” outlet is not just a source for gossip and rumor, but a source of “fake news” that can be easily fabricated. 

Here’s a look at the actual Hollywood Reporter story: What’s interesting is that the entire Hollywood Reporter interview with the source of the article seems to come off as a complete joke. 

They ask the source the following question: “How did you come to write this article about TrollSunsucks?” 

The source responds: “We just heard a rumor.

It’s really fun to write, and I’m hoping to get some movie money.

It could help me make the movie.” 

“We just got a bunch of money from someone.

We have to find someone who is going to get the movie made.” 

It was quite the bizarre interview. 

I was surprised to see Hollywood Reporter be so eager to claim a rumor as fact. 

If you want to find out more about the “TrollingSucks Movie”, check out this article at Buzzfeed: The TrollSausage Movie: How to Make a Troll Movie on Kickstarter