When aliens invade movie theaters, Star Trek films win Oscars

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the Star Trek movie theaters in Los Angeles will be closed until further notice.

The announcement comes just a week after Paramount Pictures announced that it would be closing its Los Angeles movie theaters as of March 31.

Star Trek: Into Darkness, which opened to a $1.9 billion box office opening, was one of the most successful films of the summer.

The franchise has made more than $5 billion in worldwide box office revenue, and has been nominated for seven Academy Awards.

But now, Paramount is closing its theater chains, which will also affect the film industry in Los Angelenos.

The studios have decided to close a total of three theaters in the city, the company announced.

This comes as Paramount and Disney continue to battle over the rights to the Star Wars franchise.

The two studios have both fought to secure rights to Star Wars.