What’s the biggest misconception about Gamergate?

Gamergate has been a source of controversy for decades, as the movement has come under scrutiny for alleged misogyny, and has been called a hate group by the FBI.

But now the controversy has taken a turn for the worse, as some gamers are claiming that Gamergate is a hate movement, and that the entire campaign against the film and game industry is a fascist attempt to censor the medium of video games.

In a new Reddit post, the group behind the Gamergate subreddit claimed that the film industry is the primary target of the “fascist movement,” and that “we are literally at war with Hollywood,” a reference to Gamergate’s alleged goal of shutting down the film, game and entertainment industry.

“The film industry and its allies have successfully blocked any kind of legitimate criticism and discussion of gaming, gaming culture, gaming journalism, and video games in general,” the group wrote.

“This has led to a virtual war that is now raging inside Gamergate.

This is the real war, the one the media is largely ignoring.”

The subreddit also claimed that gamers are now attempting to silence them by “harassing, harassing, harassing” them, and claiming that the harassment has been “unfair” to the gaming community.

“In the past few months, Gamergate has gone on a full-on assault against the video game industry.

Gamergate supporters are harassing, threatening, and threatening people, even going so far as to publicly commit arson attacks on the offices of game developers,” the subreddit said.

“The gaming community is being targeted and targeted and they are not doing a damn thing about it.”

The group also claimed the entire Gamergate campaign against film and games is a “hate movement,” calling out the “corporate media” for trying to silence the movement.

“Now, the mainstream media is actually trying to stop us from discussing the truth and making us look bad.

We are the real targets of Gamergate, and they know it,” the Reddit post read.”

They are trying to shut us up, shut us down, and to censor us.

They are going to do it until we go away.

They will never let us talk about anything else, but you know what?

We will talk about Gamergate.”

The Gamergate subreddit, which is dedicated to “focusing the anger of gamers” on gaming, was founded by a group of former gaming journalists and was originally created in October 2015.

But it quickly grew to include thousands of other users.

The group has become notorious for posting and commenting on videos that have been taken down or edited by users.

In some instances, the members have gone so far to delete videos that they had posted or comments that they made.

But the subreddit has not always been the center of the Gamergate controversy.

In September, a number of gamers accused the subreddit of being an echo chamber that was used to spread misinformation about Gamergate.

But on November 6, the subreddit’s users voted to remove a post that called out a number other members of the group for allegedly being involved in the harassment.