Netflix launches a new streaming service with James Bond movies 2019

Netflix today announced a new service with films from James Bond films that will begin streaming on December 2, 2019.

The new service, dubbed “The Bondcast”, will include an assortment of the franchise’s iconic heroes, villains and supporting characters, along with a handful of new films, including The World Is Not Enough and The Spy Who Loved Me.

Netflix says that the service will launch with a wide variety of genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and action.

The Bondcasts feature a wide range of films and genres, ranging from the classic films of the first decade of the 20th century to contemporary films and series like Doctor Who and The Avengers.

The service will also offer a curated list of the top films of 2019, curated by a cast of original cast members and directed by the most popular filmmakers of the last decade.

The first movie of the new series is The Spy, directed by Michael Mann, and will be available to stream starting December 2.

The film is set for a theatrical release in 2018.

The rest of the movies in the new service will be released over the course of the next year.

The service is a major expansion of Netflix’s original content offering.

The company last year added original films from director Alfonso Cuarón and stars Ryan Gosling, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone and John Malkovich.

Netflix also recently added films from Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron, director of Avatar and Pixar films, and James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who plays 007 in the upcoming James Bond film Spectre.